A Paid, Impact-based Group Work Experience.

We know life hasn’t been easy lately. We are here to provide a light in dark times. WYRD Fellowships are short term, high impact projects that allow you to gain experience, build community, and amplify the response to COVID-19.

Make Money

Build Community

Gain Experience

Create Impact

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3 - 7

Micro Teams

Each team is made up of 3-7 participants with complimentary skill sets aligned with a project manager and advisor.

1 - 3

Short-term, High Impact

The teams work throughout the summer to complete the projects. New opportunities released every week.

1 - 6k

Paid Work!

The premise of this project is that paid work will be done more efficiently and with a higher quality.



Our team of experts have been hard at work researching, defining, and talking with the most impactful organizations around the country. We have collaborated with these partners to create short-term, high impact outcomes designed to amplify these organizations. If you have a project that you would like help with, you can use the application form to tell us more!


WYRD Fellowships are a tool for you to further yourself and those around you. Each team is paired with an advisor who is a thought leader in the space. The teams work together, with the guidance of the advisor on pre-determined projects. This is a way for inter-generational groups to help each other and the communities around them.


We are in the midst of building the full scope of this project which launches on May 18th. We are building this campaign to redefine the culture around social change. Our short-form, human story approach allows you to see into the lives of the badass people who are involved.



Each project is designed to have a measurable social, cultural, or environmental impact. We are especially focused on assisting vulnerable populations effected by COVID.


We want you to come out of this experience closer to your own goals. Each project will not only help you add a resume point, but will give you mentorship and a little extra cash in your pocket.


Our unique content strategy makes it easy to see what work is being done, who is doing it, and how you can get involved. We are not creating anything new, rather reorganizing the pieces to uplift individuals and organizations alike.


  • Those who have a demonstrated financial need.
  • Those who have lost a job, internship, or academic opportunity.
  • Those who identify as a member of a historically under-represented community.
  • Design & Video
    Business Development
    Product Development
    Health Care



We are working with our network of amazing social organizations to define what is currently most impactful to vulnerable populations, as well as what initiatives are in need of most assistance.

If you are interested in working with our team to have a group of students complete a specific outcome within your organization, please fill out the application above. It will direct you to apply as a "Project."

Note: We do not want to add extra work to your plate, an assigned project manager on our team will be your single point of contact. We have expertise in project management and ensure that the work will be delivered on time and at a high quality.

Mental Health
Health Care
Vulnerable Populations
Food Security


  • Basic Information: Name, Email, School, Resume, Nationality
  • Short Writing Prompt: Why are you interested in this project? 
  • 60 Second Video Submission: If you could do anything to change the world with your current skill set, what would it be and why? (Please shoot vertically on your phone)


  • Motivated to make an impact on the communities around the world.
  •  Interested in building community with other applicants and advisors.